Eliza Kożurno

About this Series: Reflecting on Reflection

My still life collection explores the nature of reflection and the beauty of domestic objects examined closely.

I approached this work as a meditation on the interplay of objects and their reflections. Mirror-like surfaces are juxtaposed against soft lines and intricate textiles in rich colour combinations. The compositions are arranged to create subtle distortions and refractions on which the eye can linger.

Just as the pandemic slowed the pace of time and narrowed our sphere, I aim to slow the viewer’s gaze, provoke deeper observation and discovery. These pieces are a reminder of the simple pleasure to be found in colour, texture, light, and the act of focusing on beauty. Through this immersion, the viewer can share my experience of a flow state and gain distance from ordinary consciousness.

About Eliza Kożurno

Eliza is based in Toronto, Canada. She majored in decorative textile design and studied painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Art in Łódz, Poland (1997-2002).

After coming to Canada in 2002, Eliza worked under Toronto fashion designer Izzy Camilleri. From 2002-2008, she collaborated on collections for international clients, boutiques, and the runway.

In  2008 she launched Eliza Kozurno Jewellery. Her pieces have been described as “pieces of wearable art” and featured on runways for Toronto Fashion Week, in Elle Canada, Toronto Life, Schon, Plaid, Anokhi Magazine, commercials, film, and television shows.

In 2020, she returned to her passion for painting, creating 45+ still life pieces, including this collection of 35+. Much as Eliza harmonized materials when creating jewelry and costume, she now meticulously composes still-life paintings with her characteristic eye for colour, texture, and a special focus on how objects and their reflections interact.

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