Eliza Kożurno

Eliza Kozurno is a Polish-Canadian artist and designer who specialises in unique, hand made jewellery.

Educated at The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Eliza majored in decorative textile design where her training in painting, drawing, sculpture and photography came to influence her striking jewellery creations. She sees each of her pieces as wearable art.

Eliza draws inspiration from her European background, her individual style and her materials, which are often found, recycled or vintage. Each Eliza Kozurno piece is exclusive as no two are exactly alike.

The modern, elegant collections vary in detail and size, from simple single-strap chokers to larger, intricate crocheted metal body pieces. Each collection features a multitude of materials including leather, sterling silver, crystal and semi precious stones.

Eliza Kozurno Jewellery was launched in 2005 and has since been featured on runways for Toronto Fashion Week and in fashion editorials where she has collaborated with designers such as Colette Harmon, Rita D and Izzy Camilleri. Eliza's work has appeared in film clips, commercials, film and television shows, at red carpet events and in boutique stores around her current home of Toronto. It has been widely celebrated for it's creativity, quality and unrivaled detail.

Recently, she has also branched into Home Design By Eliza - a handmade, eco friendly collection of functional art for the home such as plant hangers.

Eliza embraces new challenges when creating her art. For all custom jewellery inquiries, please reach out through our contact page.

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